Individuals who wish to trade under a name not their own true name, must register the name that they wish to trade with. This is so that the identities of the people trading under a name cannot be hidden. This legislation comes under the Registration of Business Names Act 1963.

Important Considerations:
• The registration of a business name does not protect the name from being used by someone else.
• The Acceptance of the Business Name does not mean that the CRO will accept this name as a Limited Company Name.
• The name is not Registered until fully approved by the Companies Registration Office.

Only Residents in the Republic of Ireland can register business names as Sole Traders. If you are not a Resident of the Republic of Ireland you will need to submit a letter of business permission form the Department of Justice and a Stamp 4.

For Corporate:

A Company who wished to trade under a name that differs from its corporate business name must register the trading name. For example, if the company “Irish Vans Ltd” wants to use a trading name “Best Vans Ireland”, they must register this name. This is referred to as a "Trading As" name.